Planning service

CAD-design of fireplaces (2-4D)
Good design of fireplaces includes nowdays also CAD-design.We can do 3-D -still-pictures about your fireplace: how it looks in real environment. Or we can do an animation about your fireplace: short film from different angles. We can also do 2D-pictures, which can be for example dimensional drawing of your fireplace layer by layer.

Other technical CAD-desing (2-4D)
The company’s job description also includes other technical CAD-design. It can be for example digitalization of old drawing etc. If you can’t perceive your project in 3D, ask for help in 2/3/4 dimensional graphics for us! It doesn’t matter what kind of product or project it is. Best knowledge, however, we have in masonry building.

We do all kinds of visualization job. Modeling can be a simple 3D model of the product, or it can include 2D dimensional drawings or even a detailed list of product supplies. Visualization can also be, for example, presentation of building’s 3D model as a still picture for marketing purposes. Or it can be an animation.

Masonry consulting
Especially a strong knowledge of masonry building has created us know-how. You can take advantage of it by asking consulting services from us: it can be verbal or CAD-assisted drawing for you help.